Object type menu

Object type window – menu of object types and their classes from the loaded object definition file:

When object definition file is successfully loaded, object types and their classes from this file are displayed in the lower part of the ODCLASS_GUI window. Classes of object types are marked with “+” sign before their names and left indent. Click on the "+" sign or double-click on the class name expands the lists of subclasses and/or their object types.

Double-clicking on the name of the object type activates the drawing/insertion command and certain graphical properties set for each type of object in the definition file. Drawing/insertion of selected types of objects can be performed until canceled (Esc, etc.) or until another type of objects is selected. When drawing/inserting, graphical elements of a given type of primitive are created with certain Xrecord or Object Data attached. In these Xrecord or Object Data, the key field contains the object type ID and specific data fields for object characteristics. The required Xrecord or Object Data, the fields, default values, valid values ​​and descriptions of characteristics are specified in the loaded object definition file.

Right-click on the object class/subclass name, the menu appears: Remove, Select, Normal Graphical Elements, Abnormal Graphical Elements, Normal Objects, Abnormal Objects. These actions are performed only for the object types of the selected class.

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