Object classes:

Classes of object types are marked with “+” sign before their names and left indent. Click on the "+" sign or double-click on the class name expands the lists of subclasses and/or their object types.

Right-click on the object class/subclass name, the menu appears: Remove, Select, Normal Graphical Elements, Abnormal Graphical Elements, Normal Objects, Abnormal Objects. These actions are performed only for the object types of the selected class.

Remove – delete object definitions from graphical elements. Select – select graphical elements defined as the corresponding objects. Normal Graphical Elements – analogue of the main menu item Normal Graphical Elements, ODCLASS_SEL_ALL command. Abnormal Graphical Elements – analogue of the Abnormal Graphical Elements main menu item, command ODCLASS_SEL_ALL. Normal Objects – analogue of the Normal Objects main menu item, ODCLASS_SEL_ALLcommand. Abnormal Objects – analogue of the Abnormal Objects main menu item, ODCLASS_SEL_ALL command.

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