Objects drawing/modeling/defining:

Drawing/insertion is activated by double clicking on the line with the object type. A corresponding graphic primitive appears with the specified graphical properties — color, layer, linetype, lineweight, block name, hatch type, text style, text height, etc.

Drawing by the specified objects type is active up to the selecting another type of objects, does not require a recall.

When creating a new graphic element, the corresponding Xrecord or Object Data record is automatically attached to it, containing the object type name and the corresponding fields for its characteristics.

Existing graphical elements can be defined as objects by the Define action. In this case, the records of the corresponding Xrecord or Object Data are automatically added to the graphic elements.

To set, to restore the corresponding graphical properties of the elements - actions Assign graphical properties and Restore graphical properties are used.

To remove the object definitions and characteristics Remove action is used.

This and other actions available from the menu Edit and from the right click menu of objects on any line of the objects menu.

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