Support drawing by graphical AutoCAD primitives:

ODCLASS supports drawing from object menus by the following types of graphical AutoCAD primitives: 3DFace, 3DPolyline, Arc, BlockReference, Circle, Dimension, Ellipse, Hatch, Line, Mesh, MLeader, Mline, MPolygon, MText, Point, PolyFaceMesh, Polyline, Ray, Spline, Surface, Text, Wipeout, Xline.

When you call up objects with other types of graphic primitives from the menu, a "Drawing not supported" warning box appears.

But ODCLASS supports the use of any type of graphical AutoCAD primitives, any Custom Entities from vertical AutoCAD applications, etc. Including for the objects displayed as Proxy.

For ODCLASS these primitives and object types, they must already be created in dwg. By means of their applications or inserted inside blocks with explode.

All other ODCLASS features are valid for all primitive and object types: Define, Select, Properties, Check, and so on.

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