Viewing, entering and editing characteristic values:

In the lower part of the ODCLASS_PROPERTIES window, the Xrecord or Object Data fields of the specified object types are displayed as a table. Xrecord or Object Data fields (Field column) are intended for the values ​​of object characteristics (Value column). Also the types of fields are displayed in this table – char, int, real (Type column), restrictions of values (Range column), descriptions of characteristics (Description column).

In the Type column, fields with a single possible value are marked in gray, fields that are optional for the definition are marked in green, and required fields ​​are marked in white.

In the Value column, valid values of fields are marked with white, fields with a single possible value with gray (not editable), fields with different values ​​for several objects – blue, fields with illegal values – magenta.

In the cells of the Value column, one can enter and edit the desired values, select options from the lists if the lists are defined.

Field names can be copied Ctrl + C.

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