Attach/Detach OD:

Attach/Detach OD – group of commands for attaching and detaching OD (video -, 2:33):

Attach/detach, ODEDIT_ADEATTACHDATA command – attaching or detaching the specified OD of graphic elements. Select in the list in left part of the window the required OD and action Attach or Detach. When you select Attach, you can enter values for the fields of attached OD.

Detach all, ODEDIT_RM_ALL command – detaching of all OD from graphic elements.

Detach specified, ODEDIT_RM command – detaching of the specified OD from graphic elements. Select OD from the list using the mouse cursor and the Select all buttons – select/deselect all OD.

Detach duplicate, ODEDIT_REMOVE_DUPLICATE_OD command – detaching of duplicate OD from graphic elements. At the command line type f, F, First to detach the first duplicate OD, or l, L, Last – for the last duplicate OD. After detaching, only one record of the corresponding OD remains for the graphic elements.

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