Batch export to mif/mid:

Batch export to mif/mid, ODEDIT_QEXPORT_MIF_EXT command – batch, consisting of many dwg files export of data about objects described with OD from active file to MapInfo format mif/mid.

Only graphic elements with attached OD are processed.

Only graphic elements from visible and unfrozen or unlocked layers are processed.

In the specified folder, new folders with the names of the exported dwg files are created, in which mif/mid files with the names of the exported OD are created.

Select the folder with the exported dwg files in the top line-button.

Select the required dwg from the list.

Select the folder for the created mif/mid files in the line-button below the list.

With the Close polylines as polygons option enabled, closed polylines are transferred to mif/mid as REGION. With the option disabled are transferred as PLINE.
Grouped closed polylines are transferred as complex polygons with corresponding holes and the like.

When the Overwrite option is enabled, mif/mid of the same name are overwritten.

There is no such command in demo-version.

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