Set from text:

Set from text, ODEDIT_SETTEXT command – loading of the contents of single-line texts or multiline texts to the specified fields of the specified OD.

Select the required OD in the list in the left side of the command window.

Select the required OD field in the list in the right side of the command window.

In the lower part of the window specify tolerance - the distance between the insertion points of texts and graphic elements, in which to load the values. To load for closed contours, you do not need to specify the tolerance.

To the specified OD field of the selected graphic elements, the content of the selected texts located next to these elements or within the contours of these elements will be loaded.

For the fields of the Point type, the command is not executed.

If one graphic element with the specified OD corresponds to more than one text element, then loading is not executed; such text elements are marked with blocks-circles in the "odedit_error" Layer and with a radius equal to the specified tolerance.

The characters for line feed and carriage returns from multiline text are replaced with "\P" - as in the AutoCAD Properties window.

The command processes both the preliminary and subsequent selection of graphic elements. By subsequent selection Enter means "all objects". Only graphic elements from visible and unfrozen or unlocked layers are processed.

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