Upload to attributes:

Upload to attributes, ODEDIT_STORE_ATTRS command – uploading OD field values to single-line or multi-line attributes, described in the mapping (correspondence) file.
Select the block-attribute/OD-fields mapping file.

Block-attribute/OD-fields mapping files are simple tab-delimited text files. The number of delimiters is not limited. The text after the "#" is a comment.

Mapping file structure:
Block_name < tab > Attribute_Name < tab > Name_OD < tab > Field_Name

The mapping file describes only those attributes whose values need to be loaded into OD fields or unloaded from OD fields.

To simplify the creation of mapping files, you can use the unload command lists of blocks and their attributes, OD and their fields - see below, ODEDIT_ATTR_TEMPLATE.

The command processes both the preliminary and subsequent selection of graphic elements. By subsequent selection Enter means "all objects". Only graphic elements from visible and unfrozen or unlocked layers are processed.

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