Find entities with specific OD values:

Find entities with specific OD values, ODEDIT_EVAL_EXPR command – search and selection of graphical elements, the OD of which has values with the specified criteria.
The list of used OD is displayed in the left part of the command window. The list of fields of the specified OD is displayed in the right part of the window.
Select the required OD in the list using the mouse cursor and the Shift and Ctrl buttons.
The right part of the window displays the fields, which are simultaneously available in the descriptions of all the specified OD.
Enter the comparison symbols (>, <, <>) in the required fields, and the required criteria-values ​​with the possible use of masks (*).
The disabled Extended option means the possibility of selection of any occurrence of the entered characters. In this case, the comparison symbols and masks are considered as symbols of values. The enabled Extended option means that the possibility of selection of the entries of the entered characters, taking into account the comparison symbols and masks. At the same time, you can specify the search criteria for multiple OD fields.
The comparison marks symbols (>, <, <>) are applicable both for numeric and OD character fields.

The command processes both the preliminary and subsequent selection of graphic elements. By subsequent selection Enter means "all objects". Only graphic elements from visible and unfrozen or unlocked layers are processed.

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